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Infusion Device Analyzers for infusion pump testing, calibration and analysis by Fluke Biomedical

Infusion Device Analyzers - Infusion Pump Safety Testing

Representing 25 years of experience in infusion device testing, Fluke Biomedical infusion device analyzers are your solution to concerns regarding infusion pump preventive maintenance and repair. Our infusion device analyzers test all brands of intravenous pumps and are compatible with a wide array of infusion pumps including syringe pump, volumetric pumps and anesthesia pumps.

IDA-5 Infusion Device Analyzer »

The IDA-5 infusion device analyzer is a multi-channel infusion pump tester, providing comprehensive and immediate results to increase your productivity.

  • Ability to test four infusion pumps simultaneously
  • Real time snap shots of flow and pressure for immediate issues recognition
  • On-board and stand-alone automation for quick testing
  • Built-in memory for easy data storage
  • Easy data entry through plug ‘n play keyboard or barcode scanner
  • HydroGraph software for ease of use

IDA-1S Infusion Device Analyzer »

The IDA-1S infusion device analyzer is a portable, battery-operated infusion pump tester that allows for speedy verification of infusion device performance. It’s perfect for users who need mobility to test devices in multiple locations, prefer manual testing, or only need a one-channel analyzer.

  • Lightweight (2.7lb) and compact
  • Battery powered
  • LCD touch screen
  • On-board memory stores test results instantly
  • HydroGraph software for ease of use

Watch the IDA-5 and IDA-1S in action now »

Which member of our infusion device family best fits your needs?

Features Benefits IDA-5 IDA-1S
Built-in automatic testing Customizable test templates for quick and standardized testing Infusion Device Analyzers from Fluke Biomedical  
Flow rate measurement Instantaneous and average flow measurement for testing virtually any type of infusion pump Up to 1500ml/hr Up to 1000ml/hr
Occlusion testing Available in different units of measurement Up to 45 psi Up to 45 psi
End test based on time or volume Ability to automatically end flow measurement based on user-defined time, volume or both with no user intervention IV Device Analyzers from Fluke Biomedical  
Max. number of channels Equipped with testing up to four channels/pumps at the same time for quick turnaround 4 1
Keyboard/Scanner support Convenient and easy data entry with plug-n-play, USB compatible, keyboard or barcode scanner USB  
On-board manual Quick access to user instructions without having to carry bulky manuals Infusion Device Analyzers from Fluke Biomedical Infusion Device Analyzers from Fluke Biomedical
Battery operated Up to 10 hours of continuous operation for on-the-go operation   Infusion Device Analyzers from Fluke Biomedical
LCD touch screen Easy to use and navigate LCD touch screen   Infusion Device Analyzers from Fluke Biomedical
On-board memory Built-in memory to save test results for printing or downloading to computer Infusion Device Testers from Fluke Biomedical Infusion Pump Analyzers from Fluke Biomedical
Portable Integrated carrying handle and designed for easy portability 11 lbs. 2.7 lbs.

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