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Educational Webinars and Training from Fluke Biomedical

View webinars which provide insights into the latest medical device test technologies, best practices, and industry updates. Each webinar is approximately 60 minutes with questions and answers at the end. You can also earn ACI credits by contacting TechNation after viewing the webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

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Registration typically opens 2-3 weeks prior to the event.

On-demand Webinars

Optimize your infusion test strategy. How to increase productivity and manage risk »

This recorded video covers how to select the best infusion test method, common errors, how to optimize your strategy and solutions for infusion pump testing.

All about SpO2 »

Learn the basics of SpO2 testing and the misconceptions around how measurements are conducted and the process that is used to derive the results.

Medical device quality assurance. Best practices for patient risk reduction »

Learn why a quality management program is important to patient safety, factors to choosing the right equipment and how to benchmark your quality assurance system.

Radiant Warmer Testing Best Practices »

Learn about global testing standards, radiant warmer testing best practices, and skin temperature probe testing.

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Testing »

Learn the new standards of testing NIBP, best methods to test, and relevant standards to test against.

Fundamentals of Pulse Oximetry »

Learn the basics of pulse oximetry, along with the concepts of light wavelengths, calculations, R-curves, and the most reliable way to test SpO2.

Everything you want to know about electrical safety, but were afraid to ask »

Learn how testing medical devices for leakage current can be crucial to patient safety.

AEDs: What You Need to Know - FDA updates, Best Practices, and more »

Learn how you can save lives by making sure AEDs work the first time, every time.

Why Metrology Matters in Medical Device Quality Assurance Testing »

Discover how metrology supports medical device quality assurance, along with the concept of uncertainties and how they affect calibration adjustments.

Real-time X-ray Dose - The ABCs of Radiation Safety »

Learn the risks of prolonged radiation exposure, learn guidelines to managing their radiation exposure in their work environment, and preview traditional and upcoming trends in radiation monitoring, including real-time dose monitoring systems.

Infant Incubator and Radiant Warmer Best Practices »

An infant’s first few days of life can be their most critical, which is why it’s imperative to understand how to accurately test infant incubators and radiant warmers to ensure their performance and safety.

Best Practices when Testing Electrosurgical Units »

Electrosurgical units (ESU) can be hazardous if not properly set-up. Learn how to correctly test ESUs, commons errors (and how to avoid them), and the latest testing technologies.

Pulse Oximetry Myths »

Learn the five most common myths associated with pulse oximetry testing.

Defibrillator and AED Best Practices – Saving lives, one test at a time »

With high AED failure rates, there’s been increased FDA scrutiny. Learn how to perform preventive maintenance on defibrillators and AEDs, along with current global regulatory standards.

Electrical Safety Essentials – How to stay ahead of the curve »

Get useful tips on how to remain current with evolving global standards, test procedure, and test sequences for assuring the safety of the hundreds (potentially thousands) of medical devices you manage.

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