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Ansur 3 Executive  - Biomedical Test Automation Software

Biomedical Test Automation Software - Medical Device Testing

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Maximize Productivity
Manage Risk
Ensure Compliance
Improved Quality
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Can your test device document test data electronically?
Does it ensure your team is testing the same way every time and minimize human error?
Can it integrate multiple test devices into a single procedure?
Does it minimize training for your group?
Does it automatically check results to standards limits?
Does it negate the need to carry service manuals for PM procedures?
Does it reduce test time on your medical devices?

If you're using a Fluke Biomedical automated test device, the answer to these questions is YES.

Don't just take our word for it. See our real user feedback:

"We used Ansur to create test sequences that match service manual procedures so every inspection is done the same way every time. We improved quality and uniformity by creating standard work."

-Robert Dorrian, TBS U.K. Telematic & Biomedical Services Ltd. Hope Hospital

Integrated digital solution for standard, traceable data collection.

  • Provides standardized, speedy, and documented preventative maintenance on all equipment
  • Reduces, if not eliminates, human error through electronic data collection and transfer from test devices
  • Automatically completes documents per requirements to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Offers easy data traceability with electronic archival of detailed preventative maintenance and repair records for medical devices
  • Data extraction offers trending and analysis reporting capability
  • Ansur Test Automation »

    Efficiency. Quality. Cost reduction. Improved forecasting.

  • Matches test procedures to service manual protocol
  • Uniform procedures for efficient, predictable workflow
  • Guides users through step-wise testing process to minimize dependence on training
  • Use pictures, illustrations and graphs to show your users how to set up tests
  • Reduces test time per medical device
  • Integrates multiple testers into a single procedure
  • Automatically assesses pass/fail against specified test limits for regulatory control
  • Easily archives and prints preventative maintenance (PM) reports
  • Creates and prints test labels
  • Stores complete version-controlled test record and data electronically to your CMMS or other software databases
  • Ansur 3.1 Executive software »

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    Ansur biomedical test and analysis software
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