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Electrosurgery Unit Analyzers

Fluke Biomedical electrosurgical analyzers test critical ESU functions on a variety of makes and models of electrosurgical unit generators. Perform comprehensive, accurate and consistent tests for electrosurgical unit performance and ESU safety using Fluke Biomedical electrosurgery analyzers.

QA-ES III Electrosurgery Analyzer »

The QA-ES III is the easiest way to test all critical ESU functions and wirelessly* download results to a PC. Its user-friendly interface guides you through test sequences, making it quick to collect all measurements, including vessel sealing, contact quality monitor (CQM), high frequency (HF) leakage, and output power distribution (single or continuous mode).

  • Test ESU functions with precise power, current, frequency, crest factor and load resistance ranges
  • Eliminate need for additional hardware, and also includes on-board automation capabilities.
  • Use Bluetooth to retrieve records or connects to PCs using USB port.

10 Best Practices for Electrosurgical Unit Testing - View Whitepaper »

*Wireless capabilities not available in all countries. Ask your sales representative for more details

RF303RS Electrosurgery Analyzer »

Determine the performance of multiple makes and models of ESUs with the RF303RS Electrosurgery Analyzer. Battery powered for completely isolated measurements, it features 15 user-selectable loads (50 to 750 Ω in 50 Ω steps), performs signal averaging, and measures HF-leakage-current.

Fluke Biomedical Electrosurgical Analyzer Solutions

Question Did you know two 200 ohm resistors are needed when measuring RF leakage currents for some ESU’s?
ESU Analyzer Solution These resistors are included in the QA-ES III Electrosurgery Analyzer.

Question Can you finish a comprehensive ESU Preventative Maintenance in 15 minutes?
ESU Analyzer Solution You can with an automated QA-ES III + Ansur as your ESU tester, complete with electronic documentation for regulatory reporting.

Question Do you test Codman ESUs?
ESU Analyzer Solution QA-ES III has the low loads and required accuracy to test Codman ESUs.

Question Are you interested in visualizing a power distribution curve?
ESU Analyzer Solution The automated QA-ES III + Ansur can produce the data and curve in just two minutes.

Question What are the loads available in your current electrosurgical analyzer?
ESU Analyzer Solution The QA-ES III offers 123 loads with 25 ohm steps.

Question Are you having to carry bulky, expensive and sometimes-hazardous external resistors, then wire them back and forth to complete ESU safety testing?
ESU Analyzer Solution QA-ES III has all loads included—simply select a load value and it’ll be ready to test.

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Test the Covidien ForceTriad Generator with QA-ES III Electrosurgical Analyzer
ESU electrosurgery analyzer white paper by Fluke Biomedical

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