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Defibrillator Analyzers, Pacemaker Testers and AED Testers

Fluke Biomedical’s defibrillator analyzers and defibrillator/transcutaneous pacemaker testing devices are FDA510K compliant, rugged, portable precision test instruments that ensure proper operation and ultimate performance of critical life-support cardiac-resuscitation equipment. Trusted by OEMs and used by thousands of biomeds all over the world, our best-in-class defibrillator testers feature a wide spectrum of globally established pulse shapes, showcasing AED tester compatibility, and ensuring patient safety.

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Impulse 7000DP Defibrillator Tester, External Pacer Analyzer »

The Impulse 7000DP defibrillator analyzer ensures proper operation and ultimate performance of critical life-support cardiac-resuscitation equipment, including:

  • Mono- and bi-phasic defibrillators and AEDs
  • Ability to test external transcutaneous pacemakers
  • 12-lead ECG simulation
  • First-in-class accuracy ± 1% of reading + 0.1J

Watch the Impulse 7000DP overview video »

Impulse 7010 Defibrillator Selectable Load Accessory »

The Impulse 7010 Selectable Load Box is a unique, robust and easy-to-use tool which provides the capability to test defibrillators under a variety of patient impedance conditions to ensure patient safety, and is the perfect companion to the Impulse 7000DP.

  • Replicates all patient transthoracic impedance loads from infants to overweight adults
  • Simulates user-selectable impedances as high as 200 ohms accurately
  • Meets all defibrillator quality testing standards
  • Only compatible with the Impulse 7000DP

Impulse 6000D Defibrillator Analyzer »

The Impulse 6000D Defibrillator Analyzer is a portable, rugged, easy-to-carry device with an intuitive user interface, backlight, and easy-to-read display.

  • Lown, Edmark, trapezoidal, biphasic and pulsed-biphasic defibrillation technology compatibility
  • AED compatibility
  • 12-lead ECG simulation
  • DSP-based measurements for firmware and waveform upgrade

SigmaPace 1000 External Pacemaker Analyzer »

The SigmaPace™ 1000 is a powerful handheld tool with a comprehensive range of test suites, measurement algorithms and test loads to fulfill your testing requirements both quickly and efficiently.

  • Tests for both transcutaneous and trans-venous external pacemakers
  • Full range of user-selectable measurement algorithms and test loads for external pacemakers
  • Dual-channel signal acquisition for capturing synchronous AV-sequential pulse data
  • Interactive pacemaker and ECG simulation with 5-lead output

*not available in Europe

Features Impulse 6000D Impulse 7000DP
Mono-, bi- and pulsed bi-phasic energy measurement Yes Yes
Accuracy (energy measurement) ± 1% ± 1%
Default patient test load 50 Ω 50 Ω
Test variable patient loads No Yes, with 7010 Load Box
External pacer tests No Yes
Non-inductive resistor Yes (<2 µH) Yes (<2 µH)
Protection of the pacer input against accidental defibrillation Yes Yes

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